About DrmhdFly

Since our official brand launch in 2012 from the bedroom floor of designer Glenn White’s Van Nuys California home, DRMHDFLY has been supplying street style consumers with fashion-forward hats, shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, socks and accessories.

With style inspirations from the bright colors and bold designs of graffiti to hip hop and skate styles, DRMHDFLY is influenced most by the humans we have encountered throughout the process of life. DRMHDFLY specializes in limited edition hats, which are more than a brand, but have become a way of life with what we like to call  “fly culture.” 

We strive to motivate, build up and inspire any and everybody. A favorite among some of the world’s most respected dancers, designers, hip hop artist and even professional athletes, DRMHDFLY will always remain a humble and hungry trendsetting brand. Our motto is to “STAYFLY” because “when you STAYFLY you’re simply staying above the rest”.

No matter what life throws your way, always remember to “STAYFLY”



Drumhead Fly Company Founder of urban hats looking at dog